Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Extended Day Program

Fort Bend Independent School District students returned to classes August 9 after three new schools opened thanks to voters’ approval of a 2018 bond measure.

District programming options include an Early College High School model which provides a hybrid of high school and college coursework.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

CTE stands for Career and Technical Education and serves to teach students specific job-specific skills for their desired professions. While traditional or university-based instruction mainly consists of theoretical discussions, CTE courses incorporate hands-on experiences with practice sessions as well as tests of application.

CTE programs can be found across all levels of schooling, from elementary schools to postsecondary institutions. Many schools provide coherent and well-articulated CTE sequences leading to industry certification or degrees.

CTE covers 16 career clusters, such as health science, business, law and public safety, agriculture manufacturing and information technology. Students pursuing CTE can choose to continue their studies at a four-year college, community college or enter the workforce directly after graduation. DECA SkillsUSA or Family Career and Community Leaders of America student organizations offer students additional experiences that help develop soft skills such as public speaking and teamwork to make them better job candidates as well as better prepared for employment upon graduating.

Student Recruitment

Students enrolled in grades K-5 can take advantage of the District’s Extended Day Program, which offers before and after school care services. This vital service offers children a positive atmosphere outside of classroom hours while staying safe.

High schoolers can gain insight into career options with CTE programming at the James Reese Career and Technical Center. There, students have three pathways available that combine high school coursework with college tuition-free credits in order to earn industry certification and tuition-free college credits.

FBISD Skyward offers one-time employee student transfer supplement payments of up to $2.1 million as an employee student transfer supplement (EST). Current full-time, benefits eligible employees in positions directly affecting staff and student safety or security can apply for an EST within 10 business days from starting their Official Offer of Employment letter.

Extended Day

Extended Day is a program on school campuses offering child care before and after school as well as during teacher planning days or any intersessions where there is sufficient interest. Students in grades Pre-K4 through 8 can arrive as early as 7:00 AM to be met by one of our Extended Day staff and taken directly to their classrooms or the Upper School.

Students enrolled in Extended Day are carefully supervised until their parents arrive for pick up. Snacks are provided, along with outdoor play and indoor activities to complete homework or participate in educationally enriching Specials such as Art, Music & Movement, Soccer or Cultural Arts classes.

Adults collecting students must present photo identification. Extended Day registration carries forward each month and can be changed via your Amilia account at the start of every month with no additional charge. Due to COVID-19 pandemic concerns, Extended Day participants will be temporarily closed from March 12-16 and switched over to online learning until they can return for in-person classes.

Whole Child Health Initiative

FBISD is committed to supporting and developing its students holistically – academics, mental, behavioral, social, emotional and physical wellbeing are all considered priorities at FBISD. Studies show that when all their needs are met, students become equipped and inspired to pursue futures beyond what they could imagine.

Physical health is vital to overall well-being. It influences everything from activity levels and nutrition choices, as well as impacting student academic performance in school. To discover more about the link between physical and mental wellbeing, come join one of our parent webinars this year!

Proactive school nursing practice encompasses components of community health nursing, such as access to care, cultural competency education, health promotion and prevention initiatives, health equity initiatives, outreach campaigns, risk reduction measures and risk reduction (NASN 2020). Learn how you can support the wellbeing of both your home- and school-bound child.

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