The Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD)

Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) inspires and equips all its students to realize futures they could have only dreamed of before entering elementary school. With 83 schools throughout Fort Bend County, this educational system strives to foster success.

The Skyward FBISD board approved budgets for 2023-24 addressing general operations, debt service and child nutrition services. Neither will impact homeowners with homestead exemption.

Whole Child Health Initiative

An initiative to encourage school districts to prioritize student wellness has gained momentum. This “whole child” concept seeks to support students as they develop physically, socially, emotionally, ethically and expressively within networks such as families, schools, communities and larger society.

FBISD takes an integrative approach to our students’ health and well-being, offering various programs and services designed to support mental, emotional, behavioral and physical needs for optimal learning experiences. We pride ourselves on taking pride in making learning possible for each and every one of them!

Through Faithful Paws Pet Therapy, students at all of our campuses receive confidential mental health counseling from licensed professional counselors through Faithful Paws Pet Therapy. Furthermore, schools have access to several prevention resources through CDC funded surveillance systems like the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and School Health Policies and Practices Study; additionally we employ Cooperating Teachers who mentor pre-service student teachers on coordinated school health.

Career and Technical Education

CTE programs have quickly gained prominence as an educational alternative, with increasing numbers of students exploring career pathways through CTE courses at middle schools, secondary schools and postsecondary institutions.

As opposed to vocational education of decades past, current CTE programs are closely aligned with industry needs and trends for providing pathways in all industries – from automotive repair to sustainable agriculture, theater arts production to entrepreneurship – offering virtually limitless options in CTE options today.

Career and technical education provides experiential learning experiences that appeal to particular student populations, such as lower-income students, minorities, and girls. Unfortunately, however, similar to academic tracking programs these programs may face criticisms such as overrepresentation in specific courses by certain student populations.

Students enrolled at the district’s 11 high schools have access to advanced career and technical education at James Reese Career and Technical Center. Open to students from all high schools, this center allows students from each high school to attend classes on campus for part of each school day via bus or personal car.

Student Recruitment

Recruitment of students at higher education institutions is essential to student retention. With student enrollment numbers and profiles continually shifting, universities must evaluate their recruitment strategies on an ongoing basis to maintain student enrollment numbers and retain students.

Communication between recruiters and prospective students is vital in the recruitment process. This may take the form of email marketing, campus visits or virtual events such as webinars or Q&A sessions; at every step along their recruitment journey from researching potential university options to making applications, effective communication is necessary for success.

To ensure the appropriate message reaches its intended target audience, it is crucial to establish a student recruitment strategy which includes an enrollment management platform (SRM). An SRM allows you to nurture potential applicants with relevant content while automating certain tasks – like sending prospectuses after inquiries. Furthermore, such platforms should enable customized communications including allowing prospective students to express their preferences about degree programs they’re interested in or opt-in for text message notifications.

Extended Day Program

Extended Day programs on school campuses provide before and after-school child care at an additional fee for students, offering them before/after-school child care before/after classes as well as educational enriching activities like playing games, doing homework or working on projects. More public schools with large minority student populations offered extended day programs during 1990-91 than those without such services.

Children may only be released to adults listed on their registration form, while parents must present photo identification every time they pick up their children from Extended Day staff. Any changes requested after August 28 incur a $25 change fee per request.

Registering your children for the 2023-2024 school year through EZChildTrack is now open online, and parents are advised to register by September 5 to take advantage of discounted fees billed monthly and non-refundable, with registration closing November 5. Click here for additional information regarding Extended Day Program.

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