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Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions Extension By FME Extension

Magento 2 Restrict Shipping Method is an extension that aims to create a profitable distribution strategy. In general, shipping companies offer their customers a variety of shipping methods, including land, air, and sea. This module allows you to limit rather than block all unnecessary submissions. For example, you may want to limit yourself to short-term deliveries, as regular mailing methods usually arrive within a week. Extensions allow you to set or remove constraints directly from the grid for each specific case.

Overview of This Extension

Magento 2 shipping restrictions help restrict unnecessary shipping methods instead of blocking all available shipping methods. This extension allows you to restrict shipping methods by Country, Product Attribute, Order Info, Cart, Country, State, Coupon Code, and Customer Group. The Shipping Restriction extension gives you full control over how shipping is done.

For variable and capacity transport features, the Shipping Restrictions extension performs an essential role. Using this extension, you could limit positive transport techniques primarily based totally on shipping location, product length or weight, cart total, zip code, and product quantity. The Shipping Restrictions extension may be used to restrict the transport approach primarily based totally on SKU and product category.

This extension is used to restrict delivery on decided-on dates which include a couple of decided-on coupon codes, holidays, weekends, etc. The Shipping Limits extension facilitates admins to create one-of-a-kind delivery rules. If the purchaser and his or her order do now no longer observe those rules, you may acquire the mistake message displayed at the checkout and purchasing cart pages withinside the Shipping Methods section. This informs the purchaser which delivery approach is restrained and regularly has the choice to pick a one-of-a-kind delivery approach.


  1. Enable/Disable extension from the backend.
  2. Restrict transport primarily based totally on product attributes, present client attributes.
  3. Set transport regulations primarily based totally on the country, state, postcode.
  4. Set transport regulations primarily based totally on cart total, product quantity, size, or weight of the product.
  5. Restrict transport primarily based totally on client organizations and shop views.
  6. Restrict transport primarily based totally on product SKU and product category.
  7. Restrict Shipping on decided on a couple of coupon codes, decided on days (holiday/weekend).
  8. Restrict the transport approach order manner from the admin panel of the shop.
  9. It facilitates setting priorities for transport regulations.
  10. Display blunders message for unavailable transport regulations approach regulations at the checkout web page and cart web page.


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