Should I Choose Invisalign Or Six Months Smile?

You can now have straight teeth and a great smile. Thanks to the many forms of braces available today. Before now, getting a braces treatment was equal to having metals in your mouth for two to three years. These days, orthodontic technology has improved to provide highly functional and less noticeable braces that bring faster results.

Popular among the options for braces are the six months smile and Invisalign. These two can get you the smile you desire. But which should you go for? In this post, the benefits of both systems will be discussed as a way of comparison, so you’ll know which is best.

What are the perks of six months smile braces?

The six-month smile is a treatment that works for the front teeth. Though they are made of wires and brackets like metal braces, the material used in its production is clear so that people won’t notice anything. They are a good alternative to traditional braces.

This orthodontic treatment takes only six months hence the name. The focus of this option is to correct the front teeth – those people see when you smile. How long you’ll wear clear braces comes down to your peculiar condition. It may take 9 months or even an incredibly 4-month period.

Before you start getting the six-month smile braces, you will be told how it works, what to expect and everything else you need to know. For the duration of this treatment, 3 to 7 adjustments may be made to the braces.

The six-month braces are also a minimally invasive solution, and because it offers quick results, the cost is way lesser than the regular braces.

The perks of Invisalign

When it comes to Invisalign, what you get will be a series of aligners made from clear plastic. These aligners are customisedfor each patient. And your aligners will be changed after every 14 days, with each new set working to shift your teeth steadily into the correct position. Again, the pain of wearing metal braces will not be felt with Invisalign.

To begin invisalign treatment, your teeth will be examined, and we will discuss how you want to smile to be. After that, a digital impression of your teeth will be taken. This will show the path your treatment will take as your teeth slowly move into place. Our orthodontist will keep an eye on your treatment as it continues to ensure it’s going as planned. This is typically done every 90 days.

Following individual conditions, the duration of using clear aligners will not be the same for every patient. But on average, Invisalign is worn for about 12 months. This duration is longer than six months braces; however,Invisalign is nearly invisible and can fix complex cases.

One of the rules of Invisalign braces is to have them on for 20 to 22 hours each day, removing them only when you need to eat or clean your teeth. This flexibility is a big bonus Invisalign users enjoy as those who wear metal braces are not allowed to take them off – they eat with them. And it is not fun.

Which braces option offers fast results?

Though quick-action is not the only thing being considered, the six-month smile is very functional and widely known because it works very fast. The speed of six-month smile is incredible such that within the first few weeks of having them installed, the front teeth will start moving, and you’ll see the result. This will continue as the months roll by until your teeth become straight.

But does this make Invisalign a slow treatment? Not at all. Since it works within 12 months to straighten the teeth of adults, Invisalign is a faster treatment to metal braces that require 2 or more years of usage to realign the teeth.

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Should I choose Invisalign or six months smile?

All smiles are not the same. Your choice of Invisalign or six-month smile comes down to your dental condition and what you want for your smile. If your case is serious and you won’t feel happy using permanent braces as treatment, you will like Invisalign. If your outlook is a faster result, you will look the way of a six-month smile.

Just so you don’t get confused, book a consultation with us, and we will tell you more about your options so you can choose wisely. At this consultation, your lifestyle, smile objective and teeth condition will be discussed, and everything will be laid bare for better understanding.

Invisalign at a discount or six months smile

For those who would like to have an Invisalign treatment, London Braces offers six-month smile or Invisalign in London at a discount. Apart from the discount, you will also get your teeth whitened! You can come over to our clinic to know more. It’s high time you get on the road to a brighter smile.

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