Essential Tips to Secure Entrance Points of Your Home Against Intruders

Every homeowner should ensure that the entry points of their house are well protected from burglars to enhance security for their family and property. Entry doors and windows are primarily the main accesses that burglars have a tendency to target, which is why one must strengthen these places.

This article seeks to give you some of the best practices and measures that one can take to make the entry point of a house more secure to guarantee the inhabitants some level of security. To learn more, keep reading. 

1.      Upgrade to High-Security Locks and Deadbolts

When it comes to non-tech protection, the first barrier against potential intruders is your lock on the door. Upgrade door locks and use deadbolts and those that cannot be opened by pick, bump, or twist. Replacing it with a double-cylinder deadbolt lock that can only be opened by using a key on both sides of the door would be an added advantage of this measure because even if the criminals can flee the compound by breaking the glass they will be locked out.

2.      Reinforce Doors and Frames

A door and its frame must be just as strong as the locks because even the strongest of locks can be defeated if the door plus its frame is not fit for the purpose. Secure your doors by replacing them with one that has a hard to knock down either a new solid core or custom metal entry doors.

Change the strike plate to a high-quality long strike plate that should have longer screws to fix on the wall studs. A door reinforcement kit such as the door jamb shield whereby the hinge shields and door wrap should also be included for additional protection against break-ins.

3.      Enhance Window Security

Windows is another common entry point for intruders. If you tend to open your windows while you are at home, ensure that you use the best locks or bars on your windows. If practical for the particular application, laminated or tempered glass can be used because the former is not easily shattered.

Place bars on any grille door to prevent intruders from prying open the door. Also fix the window security film that grabs the glass if it is shattered. As for those basement windows or general accessible windows, install blinds, window covers, or grilles as well to create more security.

4.      Install Smart Security Systems

Technology helps to enhance the security of a home. This entails having a good security system with security cameras, motion detectors, and alarms among others. Incorporate surveillance cameras at the entrance, at doors and windows, at the back, etc so that any newcomers are captured on camera and would be discouraged from trying to steal.

This way it is possible to exclude any darkness zones where thieves and criminals can lurk around your property. Also, integrate it with your Smartphone to receive alarms and use it to monitor your security alerts on the go.

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