Have A Social Meida Element To Be Effective

Getting started – a few questions you should ask in planning …


This seems hard work and maybe a little difficult. Once you have a social media platform you need to bring all the channels in line. You get a great result if you have all the channels that work in concert.

Decide where the content will come from and who will be responsible for follow-up discussions.

Know where your hopes are and go there. It does not help to be in Vine if you are selling silver divers. See the chart below.

Set clear goals for yourself, or you will never know if you are successful.

Ask if you have the resources to commit to this strategy fully and in the long run. Communication platform needs to be processed over time.

Is your company’s website ready for further attention? What will she do to interact with these new guests and how will you capture their data?

Are you committed to having all the marketing and advertising steps included in the social media platform?

Next is the time to make a plan IGTOK

Next, you need to ask: Who? Where? How? This?

• Who do you mean? Where are they on social media?

• How can you reach them and be successful?

• What do you want to achieve from this?

Once you know the answers you can build your plan. But first, make sure the parties are fully committed. If you do not buy the team your plans will fade and fail.

Indicate the reason for this action. Not because everyone does it but because it works. Highlight numbers and numbers. Indicate the possible ROI of certain verses in the effort of common advertising costs.

You can now select your team. Who will be directly involved in this campaign? There must be a president who will control what is said as people speak for the company and we have seen many examples of employees who tarnish the reputation of the businesses they work for.

Depending on the resources you can use in this campaign you may have one or two people responsible for the content in each forum. One of the best ways to build content on sites is to have them all linked. When I post on my blog posts to Tumbler, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and a few other bookmarking sites. This way I can reach more and make more people realize the value I give.

2 or more blog posts per week are great. They do not have to be big but they need help and attraction. After that you need someone to monitor and use each platform. The content is great but you need to connect with people who see you and be sure and have a 2 way conversation.

In a good world, you should be posting on Twitter a few times a day along with 4 or 5 nice tweets. Facebook needs the same amount of attention as Google+ and LinkedIn do. Pinterest requires 3 to 5 posts per week, which may appear in other forums but only a few real now and then as a bonus. Use photos and videos, interact with other pages and sites and engage in conversation PICUKI.

All of this takes time and effort and many startup companies do not see it all. The normal time for a campaign to end is a month or less before some things take over the president and the people involved stop doing their jobs. That is why it is so important for employees to buy what they are doing. This is not a temporary system; they should be in it for a long time to see any results that are not allowed to go to the bottom line.

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