How to Watch My5 on Other Devices

My5 is Channel 5’s on-demand TV service, providing its users with access to an expansive library of entertainment. Available across platforms such as PCs and Mac computers, mobile devices such as LG smartphones and smart TVs from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic televisions as well as Freeview set-top boxes and streamers, My5 offers something for every entertainment taste.

How to Activate My5 TV?

My5 TV from Channel 5 provides on-demand catch-up content. The app lets users watch programmes broadcast across its family of channels within the last seven days as well as archive material. Free access can be obtained over PCs or Macs using the internet as well as smart TV apps like YouView, BT Vision and Freesat; My5 can even be integrated into Freeview set-top boxes’ Free Time guides!

My5 can also be found on select Samsung TV models from 2013-20, available through their App Store. Unlike other on-demand services like BBC iPlayer or ITV Player which provide free programming with commercials before and during viewing sessions, My5 features commercial programming instead, with ads displayed before and during your viewing experience. In order to access this content you’ll need a My5 account so you can watch content.

What to Watch on My5 TV?

Channel 5’s my5 TV app provides access to an abundance of entertaining shows for viewers of all ages to enjoy, with programs from Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, and 5SELECT available, along with box sets, premieres and excellent children content from Milkshake! offers you access to shows from the past seven days (or longer if you register for a free My5 account), such as popular shows such as Neighbours and Home and Away. Furthermore, My5 also features lots of international sports tournaments as well as documentaries and movies from around the world.

My5 TV can be found on iOS and Android devices, smart TVs from LG and Sony, YouView/Freesat set-top boxes, TV streamers from Roku/Amazon Fire/Now TV/Xbox/PlayStation consoles as well as games consoles such as Xbox/PlayStation. Furthermore, its app can be downloaded free from PCs/Macs over the internet but requires broadband to function correctly.

How to Watch My5 TV on Other Devices?

My5 is an on-demand streaming service in the UK offering an expansive library of shows and movies. Compatible devices include smart TVs, streaming devices, Android and iOS phones and tablets, etc. To watch My5 from other devices you must first activate its app before pairing it with your My5 account on television.

Once the setup process is complete, My5 TV can be watched from any device compatible with it. App stores such as Apple’s iTunes or Google Play offer My5 app downloads while Chromecast devices allow content from mobile devices to stream directly onto TV screens.

Once logged in, you’ll see a carousel of on-demand content featured at the top of your screen. You can filter by category and search for specific programs; once you find what you want to watch simply click to start streaming!

How to Watch My5 TV Overseas?

My5 is geo-blocked outside the UK, resulting in users being met with error messages such as “We apologize; however this content is only available to customers in the United Kingdom”. However, there are ways around these restrictions; one effective option being using a virtual private network (VPN).

VPN services use a small app on your computer, mobile phone or other device that can temporarily change your internet address to that of another country. By connecting to a server located in Britain you can trick My5 and other services into thinking you are physically present there and access their content unimpeded.

NordVPN is an ideal option, with numerous UK servers that provide excellent streaming speeds for video content. Plus it features no-logs policy and 30-day money back guarantee! For even more options consider Private Internet Access’s thousands of servers spread out across 80 countries including many in the UK.

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