Top 8 Tourist Places in Mecca

We know that Mecca is the holiest city in Islam since it is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Millions of Muslims worldwide travel to this surprising city annually to total the Hajj and Umrah Trips. Although this city is famous for its devout and authentic locales, there are numerous modern destinations for travellers. Visitors can explore a profoundly improving encounter in Mecca’sMecca’s sacred locales and purchase conventional antiques at diverse ancient markets. 

Consider this article’s comprehensive clarification to memorize more approximately “Top 8 Tourist Places in Mecca” whether you’re coming there with tourists, Hajj or Umrah Packages. Besides, we are going examine the eight best places to visit within the surprising city of Mecca below:

• Masjid al-Haram (The Grand Mosque)

• Jabal al-Noor

• Mount Arafat

• Mina

• Abraj al-Bait Towers

• Thawr Mountain

• Mecca Historical Center

• Makkah Mall

Masjid al-Haram (The Grand Mosque)

The Grand Mosque, or Masjid al-Haram, is the most splendid mosque in the world and the foremost sacrosanct area in Islam. This grand mosque is arranged in Mecca, the foremost prevalent city in Saudi Arabia. The Fantastic Mosque encompasses the Sacred Kaaba, the Station of Abraham, the twin slopes of Safa and Marwa, and the Zamzam Well. 

Concurring with Islamic history, the story of these previously mentioned chronicled points of interest is primarily connected with the Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and his family. This excellent mosque is an essential area for completing the Hajj and Umrah trips.

Jabal al-Noor

The mountain known as Jabal al-Noor, or the Mountain of Light, is roughly 10.5 kilometres away from the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This authentic mountain is home to the Cave of Hira, where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) got his to begin with a disclosure from Allah. Muslims regularly travel to Jabal al-Noor since it offers a chance to connect with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his early encounters. 

Guests who visit this mountain can climb to the Cave of Hira to find its extraordinary noteworthiness and history. Additionally, voyagers can enjoy the breathtaking sees of Mecca and its surroundings at this mountain.

Mount Arafat

Around 20 kilometres east of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, within the Arafat Plain, Mount Arafat could be a slope. This authentic is additionally known as Jabal al-Rahma (Mountain of Kindness). This mountain is the foremost essential location in Islam because the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave his goodbye sermon in this area. Millions of Muslims worldwide assemble on Mount Arafat to achieve the wuquf (standing) on the 9th of Dhul Hijjah. 

This devout custom is a fundamental viewpoint of the Hajj journey, and it is additionally a lovely frame of adore. Pioneers look for pardoning and kindness from Allah and reflect on their lives and relationship with the Divine amid this custom.


Mina is a valley in Saudi Arabia, roughly 8.4 kilometres from the Al-Haram Mosque of Mecca. This valley is one of the foremost vital destinations in Islam since it is the area of completing various ceremonies of the Hajj journey. Here, Hajj pilgrims do their two customs (Rami al-Jamarat and animal sacrifice) of annual pilgrimage in this valley. These customs are the finest ways for Muslims to resume their confidence in Allah and dismiss all the world’s belongings.

Abraj al-Bait Towers

The Abraj al-Bait Towers, also known as the Towers of the House, are a bunch of seven tall buildings found in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The towers are the most elevated structures in the city and have an area close to the Al-Haram Mosque. The construction of this building is a primary part of the Lord Abdulaziz Endowment Project. This unique extension points to modernizing Mecca and meeting the wants of the millions who visit the city each year. 

Guests can see the excellent city and surroundings at this grand location. This bunch of towers is additionally domestic to many hotels, eateries, shops, and a supplication lobby.

Thawr Mountain

The Saudi Middle Eastern Mountain known as Thawr Mountain (Jabal Thawr) is generally found 10 kilometres south of Mecca. This mountain is famous for having a cave called Ghar Thawr, or the Cave of Thawr. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companion Abu Bakr (R.A.) took refuge from the Quraysh tribe for three days while migrating from Mecca to Medina.

Mecca Historical Centre

Mecca Historical Center (Makkah Museum) is in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is now referred to as the Al-Zaher Royal Residence Exhibition Hall. This authentic middle is roughly 5 kilometres from the Terrific Mosque (Masjid al-Haram). The previous royal residence of Saudi Arabia’sArabia’s author, Ruler Abdulaziz, is domestic. The city’s history is chronicled within the gallery, from pre-Islamic times to the display. 

Compositions, works of art, and archaeological discoveries are, as it were, some treasures within the museum’s collection. The Islamic confidence and the Hajj journey are the essential points of several exhibitions within the historical centre.

Makkah Mall

Found in Mecca, Saudi Arabia lies the Makkah Mall shopping centre. Arranged within the heart of the city, this shopping centre is among the greatest in the whole globe. Each year, millions of individuals visit the shopping centre, domestic to over 1,000 shops and eateries. This grand shopping centre is 9 kilometres from the Extraordinary Mosque (Masjid al-Haram). Sightseers can reach this area by acquiring cars and open transportation. 

The shopping centre is domestic to an assortment of shops, counting office shops nearby and worldwide brands. Various eateries, cafes, and nourishment courts are also present within the shopping centre. Makkah Shopping Center incorporates other exercises to expand nourishment and shopping choices, like a bowling back road, a motion picture theatre, and a children’s play range. Makkah Shopping Center may be a well-known traveller and neighbourhood fascination. It’s an excellent spot for eating, shopping, and recreation. It’s also a phenomenal asset for learning about Meccan traditions and culture.

It’s right to visit these top 8 tourist places in Mecca possible without booking an advanced Umrah Package, but don’t follow it if you are booking Ramadan Umrah Packages for Umrah in Ramadan because you should focus on all time for engaging in worship besides searching tourist places in Mecca. Indeed, an experienced knows your intent and will take you there without wasting significant holy time.

Mecca may be an extraordinary and unique city. Individuals from different strolls of life accumulate there to revere Allah and feel the solidarity of the Muslim community. Travellers must visit various tourist places in Mecca if they can travel to this city. This city has numerous well-known tourist destinations, including Masjid al-Haram, Mount Arafat, Makkah Mall, and Abraj al-Bait Towers.

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