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The previous post compared Dunlop and Roadstone. You might remember that Roadstone is a brand that is connected to Nexen. Similar to Nexen, Hankook is a South Korean tyre manufacturer. The focus of this article will be Hankook. The second brand can raise some questions for you. Hankook is the sole subject of this blog article.


One of the top 10 tyre producers in the world is Hankook Tire & Technology. The business also offers brake pads, alloy wheels, and automobile batteries in addition to tyres. Seoul serves as the company’s corporate headquarters, while regional offices are spread out over the globe. Like Pirelli, Hankook sponsors a wide range of motorsports, even internationally.

It’s interesting that it will take Michelin’s role as the provider of original equipment tyres for Formula E. Unlike other tyre brands, Hankook is not restricted to a certain vehicle class. Instead, all vehicle types, including large commercial vehicles, can use Hankook tyres. In addition, several Hankook items include run-flat technology.

A brand like Hankook deserves a section devoted to its distinctive qualities.



‘Kontrol’ served as the centre of gravity for all of Hankook’s operations. It is a mindset that infuses the development, manufacturing, and research and development processes. Kinetics or motion are represented by the letter K. The goal of Kontrol is to guarantee that drivers consistently experience the greatest standards of “performance, comfort, safety, and environment.” You might be curious as to why this environment is present.

Hankook tyres are already eco-friendly by nature. Additionally, all tyres are made with low rolling resistance in mind. As a result, using less fuel will help the environment and save you money. No matter if they are designed for daily driving or motorsports, all Hankook tyres have Kontrol.


It is not a technology; it is the name of Hankook’s testing facility. It is the location where the corporation tests all of its tyres and other products. Therefore, you must believe the manufacturer when they say that a certain tyre creates little tyre noise. After all, the company’s claims are backed up by in-depth testing in a range of driving environments.

Ride Quality Control Technology

The test vehicle is equipped with a number of sensors, which Hankook uses to gather data. Computers then process the information. The manufacturer can produce tyres with a better riding quality using this knowledge. The testing are carried out in a range of environments, including rain, snow, potholes, and exposed utility hole covers.

Notable Hankook Tires

Hankook manufactures a variety of remarkable tyres. They include:


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