Some Creative Ideas with Kraft Wrapping to Boost the Beauty of Your End Product

Creative minds are never at a loss for ideas. If you want to make your final product more visually appealing, look no further than Kraft wrapping. We can use it in many ways, and the possibilities are endless! Some examples of how we can use it include a backdrop for photos, table cloths or coasters, or even gift wrap. The best part is that it’s cheap and easy to find! You’ll find great deals on this versatile material at most any craft store. Many companies use good kraft custom pre roll boxes

How do you feel when your DIY project goes up in flames? Or it turns out the way you envisioned, but not exactly how you wanted it? What if I told you there is a cheap and easy way to make your projects more beautiful than their original form. All you need are some simple tricks with Kraft wrapping paper! You can use this technique on gifts, jewelry boxes, or even for wedding invitations. The sky is the limit with these ideas! When you are preparing for a big event, it cannot be easy to find the perfect packaging. You want something beautiful and memorable but also practical. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas with kraft wrapping to help you get creative!  

You could wrap your gift in brown paper and then tie it up with twine or ribbon. This is good for gifts that are eco-friendly or if you just want something simple. If you’re not really into the natural look, there are other options too. You could get the white paper at a craft store to wrap brightly colored presents in. It could contrast nicely with things like jewelry boxes or flowers. 

When wrapping a gift, use tape to create patterns on the paper: 

Use a diagonal strip of tape to create a fun pattern. This is a great way to use up leftover gift wrapping paper! This is a very easy way to make your gift stand out. All you have to do is use a strip of tape and put it right across the corner of the paper. When the recipient goes to open their present, they will pull up at an angle until they see what’s under the paper. The best way to make a pattern is by using transparent tape. You can also use color, but it’s harder to see the pattern when you’re finished. 

This is one of my favorite ideas when you have a plain present and no wrapping paper around. The best part about this idea is that the present looks like it has been decorated by hand! It will be hard for your friend or family member not to open their gift right away. What you need: Stickles in the color of your choice Kraft wrapping paper Scissors A pen or pencil Step 1: Using scissors, cut the top and bottom off of your piece of kraft wrapping paper. Leave just enough so that when you’re done cutting, it looks like a triangle. 

What color wrapping would work best with this particular gift? 

Brown might be a little too plain for a pink iPod- maybe white would look nicer? Or even blue! If you’re going for something bright, then definitely go for that instead. You can also have fun with brown paper by using patterns or stamps on top, as we talked about earlier. Get as creative as you want and make the perfect craft wedding favors. I recommend wrapping the present in red paper. Red stands out on any background, which can make your gift even more memorable. 

If you want to make the gift even more special, consider¬†adding a hand-written personal message or thank you note on top of the box. This will show that you put extra effort into customizing this present for your friend. To create a nice finishing touch, curl the edges of both ends. If you don’t have any curling ribbon around, then we can also use the scotch tape to give your gift that final pop! Wrapping paper has quite a few creative uses outside of its intended purpose. Maybe wrapping random items isn’t right for you, but there are other ways to use it, so don’t be afraid to try something new! You’ll never know if wrapping other objects will help your craft business grow unless you try.¬†

Cut out shapes from brown paper bags and cover your present in them: 

Did you know that wrapping a gift in brown paper bags is environmentally friendly? It’s true! Brown paper bags are made from recycled materials, and we can use them again. If you’re looking to help the environment and help your business grow, brown paper bags can be your best friend. If you want a cheaper way of doing it than buying wrapping paper, you can use grocery shopping bags! They tend to be thinner so they won’t overpower the contents of the gift, but they still greatly impact how your presentation is received. The scotch tape also has multiple purposes outside of its intended use. It makes everything look clean and identifiable whilst covering up any minor errors in wrapping the item. Tape is an inexpensive craft supply that many people already have at home, so why not put it to good use? 

Wrap presents with newspapers or magazines to make them look vintage: 

Wrap presents in newspapers or old magazines, making sure to wrap them tightly with string. You can use a variety of recycled newspapers as your wrapping material, including those from the ’80s and ’90s. In doing this, you are also creating something different from ordinary gift wrap, which is already considered very special in its own right. This simple step will make your present look unique and interesting. 

A nice way to protect items that aren’t fragile is with stuffed paper: 

Take a sheet of newspaper, roll it into a cylinder shape, flatten it out again, and place it on top of your presentation so that the cylinder-shaped part is located directly above where you want the bow to be placed. You should wrap the rest of the newspaper around the object so that sharp edges are not showing. Once you are done, it’s time to attach the bow. 

Then grab another sheet of newspaper and wrap it around the gift wrapping so that you have a double layer of protection for your object. The newspaper, acting as packing paper, will take up space between the two sheets, thus holding them together firmly. 


There are so many creative ways to use kraft paper wrapping for your products. You can wrap a product up with string or ribbon. You could even stamp the package using stamps and ink pads! While this may seem like an odd idea, it will boost the beauty of your end product. Use custom kraft packaging from Paper Source to create something unique that stands out on shelves. 

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