How to Improve Your Quran Learning Efficiency?

All praise is for Allah (SWT), Who has blessed us with Islam as a religion and made our lives purposeful. So being Muslims, we must learn Quran and spread its teachings across the world.

It is essential to learn Quran well to understand the commands and instructions given by Allah SWT. It does not matter how old or young you are. You can improve your Quran learning efficiency. Time is changing quickly, and now we have more options for learning Quran than the past because you can go for online Quran learning to improve your efficiency. Following are some tips that can help you learn Quran faster and better.

Mind Clarity

Before learning Quran online, it is necessary to clear your mind regarding all the queries related to the efficiency of the online learning method. 

Several online Quran learning websites offer their services to Muslims around the world. So you can go for any of them as the first step. After clearing your mind, learning process will be easy and beneficial.  


You cannot excel in your skills without continuous practice and repetition. So after getting enrolled in any online Quran learning course, you have to regularly learn it by repeating it at least 2 to 3 times a day. You can repetitively recall your Quran after each prayer to make memorization easy. 

Vocabulary Improvement

The best way to improve your learning skills is to learn Arabic vocabulary to boost your learning process. You can take the example of its importance. If you can learn about 300 words of Arabic vocabulary, then you will cover almost 70% of the Quran that is quite an extraordinary method for learning. 

You can enroll yourself in any Arabic vocabulary program online to excel in your skills, and it will reward you in multiple ways. 

Listen to Online Surahs

It is another way of enhancing your Quran learning skills that you can manage your spare time by listening to Quran Surahs online with a different accent. 

After taking your online class, you should search the same Surah online in different voices. It will help you get a firm grip on the correct pronunciation. 

Read Translation

 If Arabic is not your mother tongue or you are not familiar with it, then it is advised that you enroll in a good online Tafseer course because it will help you to understand the Quran verses easily. You can understand the instructions and commands given by Allah SWT in Quran. If you recite Quran with understanding, your interest will increase.

Active Class Participation

All of us know that students who participate in their class and ask frequent questions can learn that thing conveniently. They concentrate on the topic thoroughly that is going on. Similarly, while taking Quran classes online, you have to use your skills in participation and learning so that you are left with no doubt after the class is over. It will help you to understand Quran, and you will be able to excel in your lesson after 2 to 3 times repetition of that lesson.


It is not an easy task to learn Quran online if you are not familiar with the Arabic language, so in such a case, you have to show a lot of patience so that things will turn in your favor after some time. 

Allah SWT shows continuous blessing on that person who learns and spreads the teachings of the Quran. You only keep in mind that Allah is always with you, and you are among the blessed people who are learning the Quran. 

Memorize Short Surahs

A person who memorizes Quran is the most blessed, so you can also boost your learning skills by memorizing short Surahs of the Quran. You can start learning short Surahs and repeat them in your prayers regularly. It will enhance your learning skills, and you will get more involved in the Quran that will show you the path of success and happiness. 

Select Suitable Timings

It is essential to choose a suitable time to learn Quran as it will help you learn Quran regularly. For example, it is best to read and learn Quran in the early morning because your mind will be fresh after a peaceful sleep at night, and you can learn things in less time. 

It is quite a difficult task to learn the Quran in the early morning if you are using traditional ways of Quran learning under the supervision of a Quran teacher. Whereas if you are taking online Quran classes, you can choose any time of the day. So go for an early morning online Quran class for better understanding, and you will then have the whole day to repeat your lesson, which is another advantage. 

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