Alternatives to Board up Windows for Hurricane and Storm Protection

Boarding up windows and doors with the help of plywood sheets is among the common ways to renovate your home or office before there is a storm. Plywood sheets offer hurricane protection and higher level of storm at affordable rates. But boarding up windows have some drawbacks for people to look for alternate solutions in storm damage mitigation. This blogpost discusses about some disadvantages of plywood boarding up for hurricane protection.

Reasons for an alternative to boarding up windows

Before you may understand the reasons why you would not use plywood for covering windows and doors before a storm, you want to reaffirm that plywood sheets are extremely strong and durable hurricane mitigation barriers over the glass.

Though some alternatives to board ups can provide an equal or greater level of protection against storm damage, not all of the options available to you are designed to fully replace the strength of a solid barrier like plywood.

Disadvantages of Plywood Boarding up:

  1. Requires lots of cutting and measuring
  2. Boards need to be nailed or screwed into place
  3. Not an attractive choice
  4. Block visibility and natural light completely
  5. Not a one-man/woman job
  6. Store all the boards when not in use
  7. Not a permanent option

Before you may install plywood boards properly for storm damage protection, you need to measure all your glass windows and doors to know the number of plywood sheets you will require. This can also help at the time of emergency window repair services.

After this, you need to measure and cut the boards to ensure that they will fit properly.

Once you are having all the boards cut and ready to install, you should designate proper storage space to keep them when not in use. Depending on the number of doors and windows you have, the boards may take up huge amount of room.

When it is about preparing your house for a storm, you will require at least one other person for lifting the boards over the glass and nail or screw them into place. This might take some time and you will get warning for the coming of a storm.

By keeping the boards in place, you will not see anything out of the windows and depend completely on the artificial light in your property.

From the outside, the boards may hurt curb appeal of your house or office. This might not be a major concern for the homeowners, but if you are a business owner and want to remain open till the storm hits, then it can be really difficult for probable clients to tell you are open for the business.

Due to these reasons, plywood boards simply are not a viable long-term solution for hurricane and storm damage protection.

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5 Alternatives to boarding up windows for storm and hurricane protection

  1. Hurricane Fabric
  2. Safety and Security Window Film
  3. Storm Panels
  4. Hurricane Shutters
  5. Laminated Security Glass

Hurricane fabric is easy to use

Hurricane fabric is bouncy fabric you may stretch over the window glass for deflecting flying storm debris. The deflective barrier is a great option to plywood boarding up as it is easy to install and remove. You need to clip it into proper place over the windows and doors before a storm. After the storm passes away, you just have to unclip it and then fold it up for storage.

Safety and security window film for strengthening present glass

Security window film will not replace the durability of plywood and won’t stop the glass from breakage due to storm debris. It has a security layer for making the property safe. This kind of window film is pliable Mylar coating that stays right at the top of present glass for holding it in place when shattered. This lessens the chances of injury due to flying glass shards and keeps out wind, water and storm debris which might cause further damage.

Storm panels is a commercial alternative to board up windows

Storm panels are corrugated plastic or metal sheets which you attach to the siding or framing around the windows and doors. This can protect the glass at the time of a storm. The idea will be the same for boarding up windows though this is a convenient option as you get the panels pre-cut for customised fit. Besides, plastic storm panels enable natural light to enter inside your house or office but do not inhibit outside view. They are an attractive choice to plywood boards.

Hurricane shutters are a great permanent option

These are among the costly alternatives to emergency boarding up and convenient option for your house or office. You may select from these styles of hurricane shutters:

  • Accordion shutters
  • Colonial-style louvered shutters
  • Bahama shutters
  • Roll-down hurricane shutters
  • Bermuda shutters

Hurricane shutters get mounted permanently beside or above the doors and windows. When there is a storm, what you can do is to lower them into place with the push of a button or a hand crank. Hurricane shutters combine with and may complement with the design of your house or office.

Laminated security glass is impact-resistant barrier

This kind of security glass comprises of impact-resistant thermoplastic interlayer between the two layers of glass. Laminated security glass is very popular as they give the feel and look of regular windows and offer greater level of storm damage protection. For certain storms, security glass might be strong barrier to overcome all the damage. Even a piece of storm debris might crack the glass and yet retain its strength and shape for protecting your house.

It is important to know all storm damage mitigation barriers do not offer the same kind of strength. By using the right materials and products, you will surely find a suitable solution that can fulfil the requirements of your property.

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