Back to Wall Toilet Unit – Few Important Questions Answered

The Back to wall toilet unit is among the top choice for a modern bathroom. Because of the concealed cistern, it offers relatively tidier looks. The toilet may be the last thing that you will think about for the bathroom makeover. However, in modern times, these are getting more and more attention than ever before. Homeowners in current times have realized the importance of toilets in terms of aesthetics and practicality. While the btw toilets are not the latest innovation, it has got popularity recently. However, as it is not yet the most common type of toilet, it is important to learn about them as much as possible. If you are planning to install it in your bathroom, then it will be worthwhile to know the answers to the most common questions that you may have in your mind. 

Back to Toilet Unit – What is and How It’s Different?

To know the difference between a traditional or close coupled toilet shape, you must first know what back to wall toilet is. It is simply a kind of toilet that has the following attributes

  • The first important thing about these toilets is that they have concealed cisterns. That means the water tank is not visible to anyone. It is inside the wall or inside the WC unit. 
  • The toilet bowl stands on the floor directly but against the wall or WC unit. We don’t see how it connects to each other. 
  • Both pan and cistern are sold as separate parts, offering you various options to choose from. 

So, from the above features, you can compare it with other toilets to know the differences. 

What Is the Reason for the Popularity of BTW Toilet Units? 

The btw toilet unit is a new trend. But what might be the reason for their popularity? There are simply a few important reasons that make this favorite choice.

  • BTW is a minimalist toilet with two cistern options, making it more flexible in terms of choice.
  • It offers space-saving, making it suitable for small bathrooms. If, due to some reason, you cannot go for a wall-mounted style, then it will be the most appropriate option. 
  • These are great for all sizes and types of bathrooms. With an extensive styling option for a toilet bowl that is the only visible part of it, you can create a modern-looking bathroom easily. 
  • With a WC unit, you can get some sort of storage that will help you to keep bathroom essentials. 

Is Back to Wall Toilet Unit Good?

A back to wall toilet unit is definitely more aesthetically pleasing compared to its counterparts. In addition, that space-saving is another reason that makes these a good option to choose. You also have the option to choose different toilet pans to connect with a cistern, allowing you the flexibility of choice. You even choose whether you want to connect a btw pan with WC unit-based cistern or fit it inside the wall as per your requirements. However, these are relatively expensive in terms of unit costs and installation. 

Are BTW Toilets Space Saving?

Yes, the Back to the wall is the type of toilet that can help you save space, making it a suitable option when it comes to managing space for a small bathroom. The space-saving comes from your choice of the pan as you may opt for a short projection pan, coupled with a concealed cistern, that you have a choice to fit inside the wall. So, if your main concern is space-saving, then it can be your choice, but you should pick space saving pan and go for wall fitting of the cistern. That will eliminate the need for space that would otherwise be required for it or the WC unit. 

Do Back to Wall Toilet Unit Need a Cistern?

Yes, of course, no toilet can work without a cistern. You will need a flush tank, one way to another. If you get the btw toilet pan only then, you will have to get the concealed type of cistern to make it fully functional. You can choose a dual flush cistern that will help you save water. In order to trigger the flush, there is usually a chrome button that is connected to the cistern. So, whether you get the cistern for the wall fitting or a WC unit, it will come with a visible button for making it work. 

Do BTW Toilet Come with a Cistern?

The Back to wall toilet pan and cistern are sold separately unless stated otherwise. Both are separate, and you will get them separately; they will connect while installation inside the wall or WC unit. However, many bathrooms retailer makes a package where they sell it in a single package making it easier for you. 

Final Thoughts about Back to Wall Toilet Unit?

Back to Wall Toilet Unit offers various benefits that make them a popular choice for a modern bathroom. From space-saving to flexibility in choosing the pan and fittings, these are great for every bathroom. You can check the latest toilets at Royal Bathrooms online store on the UK’s website

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