How To Select The Ideal Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?

When remodeling your existing kitchen space or designing a new one, choosing the more critical items, like countertops, cabinetry, flooring, etc. is quite easy. Your kitchen project will not get complete until you select the appropriate hardware that strikes a balance between function and style. Handles, knobs, and pulls are the final touch and an ultimate kitchen cabinet solution that will synchronize the entire kitchen project and excellently reflect your personality. Decorative kitchen hardware is available in varieties of different forms, sizes, materials, finishes, and styles. This makes it tricky to buy the right hardware.

Choosing The Best Suitable Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Countertops, cabinets, smart appliances, and flooring are the arrangements you will first and foremost take into consideration when designing or remodeling your kitchen area. It is, however, good to consider that some small things can make a huge difference, especially when designing your kitchen.

Hardware is equally essential to think about when planning a kitchen project. It can hugely affect the look and feel of the space. When it comes to having a quick update of your cooking space, people will often recommend you to replace the hardware.

However, when you plan to arrange your new kitchen or remodel the space, don’t overlook the hardware. Picking the right handles for your kitchen can be an easy process by following the right guide.

Limit the Cabinet Style

The design and style of kitchen cabinet hardware you choose hugely depends on the design of the space and on the type of cabinets you have or decided to install. Traditionally designed storage closets for kitchen demands conventional hardware. Simple cabinets with flat faces suit well with the usual compact pulls and knobs. Modern cabinets instead do not need any specific hardware since they have grooves on the door edges or have push latches to open. Cup pulls fit well with a country-style kitchen. Recessed hardware can give your kitchen an elegant and contemporary look. Nevertheless, it also is somewhat pricey compared to the other options. Finger pull, slim hardware is an excellent selection for flat cabinets in a contemporary kitchen.

Other metals to consider for your kitchen project

The color of your appliances, lighting, faucet, etc. are also significant. Matching hardware with the appliances is also particularly necessary to take into consideration. In many kitchens, you may see brass pulls and stainless steel appliances. But if you want to coordinate everything in your kitchen, consider your entire kitchen while deciding on the color and style of the hardware.

Different Types of Hardware

Personal liking is crucial while choosing the right hardware. The knobs and pulls you choose should be in line with the design of your kitchen, and on the same side, your cooking area has to be comfortable for you to use. Review the pulls and knobs you want to buy carefully. Put them against the cabinetry. See if they match with the cabinets. Also, the shape and size of the hardware should fit your hands comfortably.

Knobs and pulls make the visual of your kitchen more attractive. Pulls are the best suitable options for drawers, whereas the knobs for doors – can also be used the other way round. Just choose the styles and finishes that go well with each other. Or you can select the type of hardware that looks clean and sleek throughout the entire kitchen.

Knobs are fixed with the help of a single screw, whereas pulls need two screws. However, before drilling hole(s), it is good to provide your residential builder or the professional home remodeling contractor with detailed information to help them understand what type of handle they are supposed to install on each door, drawer, and cabinet.

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Size of the Handles

If possible, hold the knobs and pulls you are thinking about for your doors and drawer heads and see if you like them. Most importantly, inquire about how long it can take to receive the hardware you want.

Keep the ratio, balance, design, and function into your mind when determining cabinet hardware size. If you have a large cabinet door or drawer, you will need to look for suitably more significant hardware, and more compact options opt for appropriately shorter knobs and pulls to get proper functionality.

Hardware Design

It is vital to ensure that the hardware you are picking for your cabinetry reflects the overall look and style of your kitchen. There are four significant types of kitchen cabinet hardware:

  • Classic – Decorative, ornate hardware is in line with the classic style kitchens. Most home designers will recommend you to select the drop handles for your classic style drawers and cabinets.
  • Modern – For modern style kitchens, it is advisable to opt for simple and compact hardware. Handles with straight or curved grips are the ideal choice.
  • Transitional – Opt for the combination of clean cabinetry with an inset door and hardware that is not very complicated.
    Eclectic – Handles that look like seashells are the unique options to add flavor to your eclectic kitchen cabinets. Nevertheless, beautifully painted handles are also a good option for a casual kitchen.

Hardware Material

There are arrays of materials; most commonly used is the metal alloys. Lacquer or plating applied brass hardware can make your cabinets more lasting in the kitchen. Also, brass tends to be antimicrobial, and it helps to reduce the spread of bacteria. Bronze hardware – also antimicrobial – offers a significant look. It is the best pick for solid wood cabinets. Stainless steel hardware is just another durable alternative. Other popular choices are the pewter and nickel hardware. You can also pick handles manufactured from glass or crystal to give your kitchen the vintage look.

Ideal Finishes for the Hardware

Once you are done with selecting your kitchen cabinet hardware, it is time to choose the right finish. There are arrays of cabinet hardware finishes. To name some – Tarnished, brushed, oil-rubbed, satin, matte, etc. Stainless steel handles look merely fantastic in a modern kitchen with a polished finish. Bronze will shine more over time and will give evidence of a bold kitchen. A black finish will be the best choice to use on light-colored cabinetry. There are various other options. Whatever you pick, make sure that the finish matches the overall decor of your space.

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