What are the most popular kitchen worktops in the UK?

Designing your dream kitchen is a very exciting time, full of decisions to make. One of the most important questions you will ask yourself during this time is what kitchen worktop material you will choose. A good quality kitchen will last you for a very long time, so it is essential that you are fully aware of the options on the market before you make your final decision.

Quartz Kitchens are an industry-leading kitchen worktop broker, working closely with expert suppliers and fabricators across the UK. Today, they have curated a list of the most popular kitchen worktops, providing their benefits as well as potential drawbacks for you to consider.

You can find their advice below.


Marble is a beautiful countertop material that can really add the wow-factor to your kitchen space. At the same time, there is a price to pay for this material, both literally as well as the time required to effectively maintain it.

A luxury worktop material often with an equally luxurious price tag, there are many varieties of marble available. As marble is a natural stone, it is immediately cut into slabs and fabricated to fit the specific template.

However, there are a few potential disadvantages to consider with marble. As marble is a porous material, it can easily stain. Regular maintenance and sealing of the worktops are therefore required, which can eat into your time. Marble can also be quite delicate and may not be the best choice for a busy household.


Granite is another fantastic natural stone which, much like marble, is mined directly from the ground and cut into slabs. It has been one of the top worktop materials for many years now, and for good reason too.

Being a very visually appealing material is one reason behind granite’s success. Offering a unique look, granite is also very durable – it is not susceptible to scratches. Granite is also heat-resistant, so it’s not the end of the world if you put hot pans directly onto the worktop (although we do recommend using a trivet to be on the safe side).

Like marble, granite is a porous material. As a result, it too requires regular maintenance in order to repel liquids that come into contact with it. Granite worktops may also come with seams, as granite countertops are usually installed with more than one slab.


Already well established in kitchens throughout the world, quartz worktops are popular for good reason. Unlike marble and granite, quartz is a manufactured material – as it is created pigmentation can be added to adjust the hue with infinite variations.

Like granite, quartz is incredibly hardwearing and durable. Even better – quartz is a low-maintenance material and resists stains as well as scratching. You won’t need to spend the time regularly maintaining your worktops and can instead spend that admiring your stunning new countertops.

While quartz does lack the ‘natural’ look offered by a natural stone, its customisability does allow for a variety of patterns and designs.

Quartz Kitchens work with a number of industry-leading suppliers for quartz, including but not limited to: SILESTONE | CAESARSTONE | COMPAC | DEKTON |NILE STONE | CIMSTONE | EVEREST STONE | UNISTONE | NOBLESTONE.

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