Reasons to Invest in Capital Smart City

The lopsidedness in the metropolitan environment because of the mass development from rustic regions has prompted the rising interest for maintainable lodging. This fast urbanization has constrained town organizers to search for arrangements, which incorporate the improvement of brilliant social orders.

The fundamental reason for those is to give a protected and maintainable living to networks. Capital Brilliant City is one such venture that offers a cutting edge way of life in Islamabad.

This venture from Future Improvement Possessions (FDH) and Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd. has reclassified present day living in the capital, giving brilliant living open doors and drawing in gigantic speculations from a wide range of financial backers. The primary point of Capital Savvy City is to give a quality way of life and reasonable lodging. See real estate services

Capital Smart City: Location

This land project is situated at M2 (Islamabad-Lahore motorway) close to the Thalian trade. The Islamabad Worldwide Air terminal is only a 5 brief drive away from Capital Brilliant City, making it an ideal place to reside in twin urban communities. In future, this undertaking will likewise have a devoted motorway exchange, which was endorsed by Public Roadway Authority (NHA) last year.

Capital Smart City: NOC Status

This eco-accommodating lodging plan is one of the endorsed lodging projects nearby. They have a NOC from Rawalpindi Improvement Authority (RDA), making it a protected spot to put resources into.

Plots in Capital Smart City

The lodging plan is additionally partitioned into various blocks where you can purchase different private and business plots. There is likewise a committed space for brilliant manors and condos, advancing current living.

The various blocks of Capital Brilliant City (CSC) include:

  • Overseas block
  • Executive Block

Overseas block

Moreover, the general public will likewise foster studio, 1 and 2-bed extravagance condos. They have as of late sent off these lofts with the name “One Capital Homes”.

The general public is offering private plots of sizes going from 5 marla to 2 kanal. The 5 marla plot in Capital Shrewd City is accessible in the scope of 28 to 32 lacs. You can visit the Capitalt Smart City booking office or their authority site for more data. All you need to read about Pakistan real estate blog

Executive Block

There are different sizes of plots accessible in the chief block that are recorded underneath.

5, 7, 10 and 12 marla

1 and 2 kanal

The cost of plots available to be purchased are recorded underneath.

Sr. NoType of PlotArea (sq. yds)Plot SizeTotal PriceTotal Instalments
1Residential1255 marla2,850,00014
2Residential1757 marla3,850,00014
3Residential25010 marla5,200,00014
4Residential30012 marla5,900,00014
5Residential5001 Kanal8,550,00014
6Residential 10002 kanal16,750,00014

Payment Plan of Capital Smart City (Executive Block)

Instalment DetailsQuarterly Instalment Amount (PKR)
5 Marla7 Marla10 Marla12 Marla1 Kanal2 Kanal
Confirmation (after 30 days)285,000385,000520,000590,000855,0001,675,000
1st Quarter (after 90 days of booking)190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700
2nd Quarter190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700
3rd Quarter190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700
4th Quarter190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700
5th Quarter190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700
6th Quarter190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700
7th Quarter190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700
8th Quarter190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700
9th Quarter190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700
10th Quarter190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700
11th Quarter190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700
12th Quarter190,000256,300346,300393,700570,0001,116,300
TOTAL (PKR)2,850,0003,850,0005,200,0005,590,0008,550,00016,750,000
Sr. NoType of PlotArea (sq. yds)Plot SizeTotal PriceTotal Instalments
1Residential1255 marla3,150,00014
2Residential1757 marla4,250,00014
3Residential25010 marla5,750,00014
4Residential30012 marla6,500,00014
5Residential5001 Kanal9,550,00014
6Residential 10002 kanal18,700,000
Instalment DetailsQuarterly Instalment Amount (PKR)
5 Marla7 Marla10 Marla12 Marla1 Kanal2 Kanal
Confirmation (after 30 days)315,000425,000575,000650,000955,0001,870,000
1st Quarter (after 90 days of booking)210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
2nd Quarter210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
3rd Quarter210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
4th Quarter210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
5th Quarter210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
6th Quarter210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
7th Quarter210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
8th Quarter210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
9th Quarter210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
10th Quarter210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
11th Quarter210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
12th Quarter210,000283,700383,700433,700636,3001,246,300
TOTAL (PKR)3,150,0004,250,0005,750,0006,500,0009,550,00018,700,000

Overseas Block

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