What are WebP Images and Why are they Important?

WebP is the next generation image file structure developed and suggested by Google. With Magento 2 webP images extension by FMEextensions, a webP images extension makes webP-enabled in stores. Benefit from more immediate page loading and optimized implementation. Performance is essential to user experience (UX) and SEO rankings, so this is an optimization possibility no store should miss. Especially, today, Google considers lower bandwidth mobile users and is more concentrating on mobile usability and performance.

Key Features:

  • File Size Will Be Decreased With WebP Images
  • Self-regulating Modification
  • Browser Authorization
  • Supported Modification Tools
  • Compatible Browsers

File Size Will Be Decreased With WebP Images

With WebP Image Extension, you can reduce image size by more than 50% with almost the same quality. Of course, the file size decrease you can do depends on your existing image and your image quality conditions. The extension allows you to efficiently test and find the most suitable compression level with the excellent ratio between image size and quality using the built-in WebP conversion tool.

Self-regulating Modification

Don’t worry. No need to create or upload new images to use WebP in your store with this extension. Then once you have to install, configure, and activate, the extension does everything for you automatically. As a shop owner, this means minimum effort for maximum profit!

Browser Authorization

Approximately 80% of all internet users use a WebP enabled browser and instantly benefit from your optimized product images. But don’t worry, of course, the rest of your customers can also use your website without limitation or inconvenience by viewing your existing .jpg images. Of course, this is also fully computerized and compatible with the full-page cache.

Supported Modification Tools

The extension sustains 3 modification tools. You can select any of the following for converting images to WebP configuration:


Browser Compatibility

Currently, the WebP image configuration is obtained by many browsers, so it is very opportunely to optimize your Magento 2 sites images in this format. If the guest is using a browser that does not yet support the Webp format, Magento 2 WebP Images will automatically display the original JPG or PNG files, so the customer will not see any damaged images.

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