Trails Carolina Review

Trails Carolina, a wilderness therapy program providing outdoor experiences and therapeutic interventions, has come under scrutiny due to allegations of mistreatment and abuse from participants.

These allegations range from physical violence to emotional manipulation and have led to investigations by both authorities and independent investigators.

What is Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness therapy is an outdoor, nature-based therapeutic treatment method designed to help troubled teens unplug from electronics and reconnect with nature while becoming more physically active and healthier.

Most wilderness programs combine individual and group therapy sessions with outdoor activities in order to foster emotional healing for participants. The goal is not for these activities to be dangerous or uncomfortable; rather they should provide participants with opportunities to acquire new coping techniques they can apply in their everyday lives.

Many wilderness therapy programs also provide family sessions that teach parents how to support their child in his or her healing journey. At these sessions, family members may write letters to one another and practice positive communication strategies in an effort to strengthen relationships and foster an emotionally supportive home environment. It is crucial that any family considering wilderness therapy consult with a qualified educational consultant beforehand.

Why is Trails Carolina a Good Choice?

Trails Carolina Horror Stories offers a comprehensive and holistic treatment approach to help troubled teens recover. Their multifaceted rehabilitation model encompasses education, wilderness therapy, family therapy, equine therapy and more to provide participants with tools they need to address various problems they are experiencing.

Additionally, Trails Carolina offers various other support services to assist parents and families as they transition their child back home from Trails Carolina, such as regular calls with counselors and family workshops. It helps parents understand their child’s struggles better while learning how to better communicate with them.

Trails Carolina encourages feedback from current and former students, parents, alumni and staff. Such feedback often offers critical yet constructive ideas for improving its programs – this is especially crucial given recent allegations that have altered public perception of wilderness therapy overall and initiated investigations from multiple agencies and bodies.

What is the Cost of Trails Carolina?

Cost of our program varies based on length and level of care needed; comparable with other wilderness therapy programs.

However, its length has caused debate as has its cost. Critics maintain that prolonged isolation from family and society could have negative psychological ramifications for participants.

Trails Carolina reviews often reflect gratitude and positive transformation stories from its program attendees, however it has come under scrutiny due to some of its treatment methods. Reports in the media have highlighted allegations of physical abuse as well as emotional manipulation by staff members against children attending Trails Carolina programs.

Trails Carolina is a private company, and employee data comes from self-reported interviews.

What Are the Benefits of Trails Carolina?

Trails Carolina can be useful in helping troubled teens, but can be harmful and unsafe for others due to the nature of wilderness therapy – taking participants away from daily life into unfamiliar settings where they must learn how to communicate and express themselves – which may be difficult or uncomfortable for some, yet essential steps toward their healing process.

Outdoors, students participate in hiking, equine activities and other experiential learning opportunities to push their physical limits while discovering themselves more deeply and building confidence. Furthermore, students combine outdoor coursework with accredited academics delivered within traditional classroom settings for an all-encompassing treatment experience.

However, this program has come under criticism for its lax oversight and regulation. WBTV reported that state officials often went more than 12 months without inspecting it even though state law mandates at least once every 12 months.

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