Astrological Guide to Zodiac Signs and their ruling Elements 

While reading your horoscope on your astrology app, you may have come across phrases like “fire sign” or “air sign”. If you wondered what these phrases meant, they refer to the four main elements in astrology: Air, earth, fire, and Water. 

Significance of the four elements in your zodiac signs 

Each of the twelve zodiac signs falls under each one of the four elements. Each astrological element rules three zodiac signs each. Knowledge of which element rules your zodiac sign will help you gain insight into your nature and understand yourself better. Moreover, knowing which element you fall under can also be beneficial in finding out with which you will get along well. 

For example, Aries and Leo are both fire signs or signs ruled by the astrological element of fire. Hence Aries and Leo make excellent friends or romantic partners as they tend to be more perceptive of each other’s emotional nature and, therefore, can take care of each other better. 

Apart from astrology, the mention of the four elements occurs in occult practices and instruments such as tarot card readings alongside astrology. You are more than your sun sign. The more knowledge you gain about these four astrological elements, the more you will gain insight into their influence on your sign and nature. 

Your birth chart contains all the twelve signs and can help you find out more about each element’s varying level of influence on each sign. If you do not have your birth chart, pulling up one is easy using your astrology app, you only have to know the time and place of your birth. 

By studying your birth chart, you will learn which element is dominant in your charts and what might be its influence on your life. You can use the astrology chat available on the online Astroyogi platform for more detailed information. 

Zodiac signs and their elements 

To learn more about elements and which zodiac sign is ruled by which particular element, let us start with Air.

Zodiac signs ruled by Air 

The three signs ruled by Air are – Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. 

As Air is the element of rationality and intellect, on a good day, these three signs ruled by Air reflect sharpness and are extremely rational and logical in their daily affairs. They put emotions on the side and function on pure intellect. 

On the other hand, when these signs are having a bad day, they can be cold, nonchalant and capricious. 

How to win them over when they are having a bad day? Well, for starters, talk politics. 

Zodiac signs ruled by Earth 

The three signs ruled by Earth are – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

When these signs ruled by Earth are having a good day, they are down to Earth (not a pun), hard-working and adept at accumulating wealth. They appreciate and enjoy the finer things in life. These signs are practical, patient and sensual.

If you happen to run into one of these signs when they are having a bad day, you will find them to be stubborn as a mule. Their materialistic way of life can make them a slouch and degenerate.

To win them over, offer them good food and wine.

Zodiac signs ruled by fire 

The three zodiac signs ruled by Fire are – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. 

On a good day, these three fire signs are bold. They exude passion and desire for all things that are worth being passionate about, are full of charisma and radiate magnetic appeal and allure. Moreover, on a good day, you will find these fire signs to be confident, creative and excessively charming. If you ask astrologer, he or she will tell you that these fire signs can attain success and attract fame and fortune if they know how to channel their fiery intensity. 

On a bad day, these fire signs tend to feel insecure and need to be the centre of attention. They can be vain, show outward signs of aggression, and be selfish and vengeful. They can be impulsive and quick to throw temper tantrums. 

To win these fiery signs when they are having a bad day is to listen and let them talk about themselves. 

Zodiac signs ruled by Water

The three signs ruled by Water are – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. 

Water is the element of emotions. On a good day, you will find these signs empathetic and highly intuitive. They are imaginative and extremely loyal, and passionate. 

Their sensitivity makes them a little on the touchy side and can be easily hurt when these signs are not having a good day. They tend to take things personally and can be moody with a suspicious mind.

To win them over, just tell them your darkest secrets. 


As the saying goes, “to each their own”, each of these signs is ruled by their own elements, the influence of which is reflected in their personality traits. To learn more about astrology, the zodiac signs, the influential elements and more, you can use the Astroyogi astrology app. Till then, be who you are meant to be! 

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