How much do properties in Malta cost?

If you ever thought about living in Malta, you’ve probably wondered what’s the cost of living there, right? Well, the good news for you is that we contacted some of our local partners and also expats who live in Malta. As a result, we’ve come upon with a full guide about the cost of living in Malta. Property for sale in Malta. With more than 2000 Maltese properties available, is the best website to buy, sell or rent your home in Malta.

Malta is a small island that manages to make the most of its location in the Mediterranean Sea. Not only do it’s residents enjoy the glorious weather but the country also has many wonderful restaurants, exquisite culture, numerous historic sites and points of interest as well as endless breathtaking views.

From the bustling and energetic capital of Valletta to the more sedate pace of life lived on the island of Gozo, Malta has something to attract everybody.

This may sound expensive. However, you will be surprised to find that the cost of living in Malta is very affordable. It is partly because of the cost of living in Malta that people are increasingly choosing to relocate or retire to this little Mediterranean gem.

Renting and Buying Property

If you have never lived in Malta before it is advisable to rent before you buy. This will give you the opportunity to explore the country for your ideal location as well as experience life and the cost of living in Malta before fully committing.

Rent is often much cheaper in Malta than in other countries. This is especially the case if you choose to settle in an area away from the city center.

If you are interested in living or investing in Malta, it might be useful to see what we’ve written about Maltese Granting Of Citizenship For Exceptional Services.

Location affects price

Also, remember that location affects the price. A city center or beachside apartment will cost more than a place on the edge of the city or in a more rural setting.

While you get more for your money by choosing to live away from the tourist hot spots Malta’s excellent transport links mean that you will not feel like you are missing out.

If you do decide to invest in your own place you will find that prices are slightly cheaper than in other parts of Europe. For example, a city center apartment in Malta will cost just over €2,208.

A similar apartment in the UK will cost, on average, over €2,649. If you want to further keep the cost of living in Malta down then opting to live in a modern apartment instead of an older building will keep maintenance low.

The cost of utilities

The price of utilities is also more affordable here which helps to keep the cost of living in Malta down. On average an 85m2 apartment in the UK will cost €150 euros and includes gas, electricity, and all your other services.

While many areas of life in Malta are far more affordable mobile phones can be more expensive to run here. If you find the price of a contract too expensive then purchasing a mobile phone and using pay as you go is an affordable option.

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