King Von Murder

King Von made his mark quickly in rap’s consciousness with his fiery lyrics and provocative sense of reality, only to meet an unfortunate end during a gunfight between himself and police outside an Atlanta nightclub in 2020.

A three-hour documentary alleges that Rapper J Cole was a serial killer. This three-hour film portrays him as an eager and willing killer.

1. Timothy Leeks

King Von first emerged onto the music scene shortly after signing to Lil Durk’s OTF Records with his critically-acclaimed debut album Welcome to O-Block. This groundbreaking project showcased all aspects of Chicago rapper King Von’s personality while also unveiling narratives rarely found within hip-hop music.

On November 6, 2020, King Von was shot during an altercation between him and another entourage outside of Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. One victim died as a result of their wounds while two others required hospital care for treatment. Off-duty police officers intervened and fired additional shots at King Von’s attackers, breaking up the shooting spree.

Timothy Leeks, also known as Lul Tim, has been arrested on felony murder charges related to King Von’s death. News of Leeks’ arrest emerged through an Asian Doll tweet which has since been deleted as well as through Leeks’ attorney Noah Pines who issued a statement regarding Leeks’ case.

2. Lil Tim

king von autopsy was an up-and-coming rapper. His debut album “Welcome to O’Block,” released in November 2020 and reaching No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart, was followed two months later by another posthumous project called Grandson with a picture of his son on its cover.

Von was able to sell 72,500 units from album sales, track sales and streaming – his most successful week on the charts since his death.

Timothy Leeks — better known by his initials Lul Tim — was initially arrested for the murder of King Von, but recently the felony murder charge against him was dismissed by prosecutors for unclear reasons. Lul Tim claims to have acted in self-defense during the incident while Asian Doll disagrees and insists Lul Tim didn’t kill her partner. A YouTube video called “Rap’s First Serial Killer” surfaced but was quickly taken down due to backlash from King Von’s family and friends.

3. Von’s Death

Von’s music was uncompromising and rawly honest; his songs spoke directly about his experiences growing up with gang culture he could masterfully portray through his lyrics.

Welcome to O’Block was released just one week prior to his death and offered a vivid portrait of street life as well as its many struggles that individuals must contend with when escaping Chicago’s more violent neighborhoods.

Footage of the incident leading up to King Von’s murder has recently surfaced online. It shows a violent altercation between two groups that ends with multiple shots being fired; Timothy Leeks (also known as Lul Tim), one of those involved was arrested and released from custody after posting $100,000 bond; he still faces murder charges for killing King Von; however it remains uncertain if these will be dropped in court proceedings.

4. The Case

Dayvon Bennett, better known by his stage name of King Von, has gained notoriety among hip-hop artists for releasing music which addresses Chicago gang rivalries and murder. Many consider him one of rap’s first serial killers.

On November 6, 2020, Von was shot dead during a gunfight outside an Atlanta hookah lounge. Timothy Leeks allegedly came from Quando Rondo’s O Block clique who were in conflict with King Von’s O Block clique and his O Block clique.

Since King Von’s death has become public knowledge, bodycam footage of its aftermath has emerged online and shows police responding to a violent altercation that resulted in Leeks being charged for murder. DJ Akademiks posted an emotional tribute for Von on social media wishing him “Rest In Peace”. Additionally, his posthumous album has also been released with an image of his son on its cover.

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