How to Use a Google Home Speaker With Your Family

With Google Home speakers, use can be fun with your family. Simply broadcast messages like, “OK Google, let’s send breakfast!” or “OK Google, it’s time for us to go!” to keep everyone engaged.

The Home is more minimalistic in design than Amazon’s cylindrical system and comes equipped with touch-sensitive top controls (tapping to pause music and sliding your finger across to change volume), along with Duo hands-free phone calling capability and carrier calling in the US.

Voice control

Google Home max white speakers feature Google Assistant, the company’s voice-controlled virtual assistant that can answer weather-related questions, provide sports scores, set reminders and alarms, make phone calls and control smart devices. You can link multiple speakers together for synchronized music playback or use voice control to switch between users.

When communicating with Google Assistant, speak naturally and at an appropriate volume level. If you don’t want it to hear what you are saying, either press the multicolored indicator light or say, “Hey Google, stop.” Some Google Home products also provide microphone mute buttons. Because Google Assistant learns your habits as you use it and where you live, it may ask some questions or suggest solutions based on this data. It retains voice recordings for later review and deletion via an app on your smartphone – you could also opt to have voice recordings only recorded upon saying, “OK Google!” This raises valid privacy concerns – however this option requires using their app on smartphone for best results.


Google Home speakers are ideal for playing music, whether that means streaming a podcast or blasting out an epic death metal track. Google’s speakers analyze the music you play to adjust its sound profile automatically – something which doesn’t always work perfectly when listening to something nontraditional like rock music or hip hop.

For those seeking a more customized EQ experience, the speaker app allows for manual adjustments of bass and treble levels. Google also offers Ambient IQ which adapts the sound signature based on your surroundings.

Your Google Home speaker enables access to an extensive array of music services such as YouTube Music, Spotify (both free and premium versions), Apple Music, Deezer and Deezer. Each can be easily accessed by simply saying: “Ok Google, play [artist]”. Creating groups of speakers playing the same song at once also works but only works for music content such as podcasts or audiobooks.

Home automation

Google Home offers various functions for controlling smart devices that integrate or are compatible with it, including controlling Amazon Echo’skills’ such as checking calendar events or ordering an Uber ride. While not as versatile as its rivals, the personal data it has access to makes Google Home superior when answering queries or performing tasks such as scheduling appointments or dispatching Uber rides.

Google Home offers integrations with various third-party services like Spotify, YouTube Music and Pandora that enable streaming media control by voice. Multiple accounts can also be managed with voice. Furthermore, it can be used for hands-free phone calls, monitoring security cameras and video doorbells in your home, getting recipe advice or setting routines – among many other tasks! Google Home retains your voice recordings for some period of time which may pose privacy concerns; however there are options for reviewing or deleting them to address such concerns. Furthermore, it can act as remotes for Chromecast-enabled televisions and mobile devices!


Google Home makes it easy to group multiple speakers together for coordinated music playback and to send voice-based commands throughout your entire home. Just open up the app and create groups by tapping on the plus icon in the top left corner and selecting devices you wish to include; additionally, you can name these groups for future reference.

Once your group is set up, use “OK Google” to issue voice announcements that will play across all devices – for instance “OK Google, tell everyone it’s dinner time”. For instance, use this command when ordering food online: for instance “OK Google, announce dinner time!”

Google Home can also be an extremely handy reminder system, helping to keep track of specific tasks or reminders, such as laundry days or walking your dogs, by creating Routines within its app. There are pre-made routines you can select, as well as options to build custom ones from scratch.

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