Want to sound less generic – Introduce Vocal variety in you Ad voices

Vocal variety is a known notion in the voice acting world though professionals in other fields often fail to recognize its significance. In general, vocal variety is voice-over actors’ ability to alter their style from moment to moment to match up the script and expectations. Even an engaging script will sound general and unexciting without adequate vocal variety. On the other hand, voice artists having experience in your niche or who match your brand tone will provide you with a substantial competitive advantage when recording voice-overs for your marketing campaigns. Marketers generally look at voice-overs simply as a method of conveying a pre-existing message, but the voice-over actors play a crucial role in brand communications. Marketing is all about creating a picture of the brand, so it’s essential to do everything you can to develop a positive brand image.

Vocal variety is more than just avoiding the monotony of the voice or the narration it’s about the expressiveness and emphasis of words that breathe life into a script. If you are wondering how exactly vocal variety saves your messages from sound generic and boring, then here you go –

Makes you (look) Less–Commercial –

Consumers already see a plethora of ads and most of which don’t get even a flinch of their attention. Marketers are needed to provide the customers with reasons to pay attention to their ads. Making your brand appear less like every other corporation is a great way of getting attention. Standing out from the crowd will advance your brand recognition and get more and more customers interested in your products or services. When you look for a professional advertisement voice-over artist, it’s important to find someone who matches your existing brand image or the image you want to build.

A voice actor with robust vocal variety can make an ad seem more approachable and may indicate that you value your customers and are all-inclusive. Your brand image is not limited to the logos or taglines, how your brand conveys the message, and therefore, vocal variety is needed to make it effective and effortless.

It’s more Persuasive –

Your brand voice is important for long-term engagement and brand recall; however, individual ads are usually designed to encourage a specific behavior. Just like voice actors who represent your brand and deliver your messages to the audience, they can also employ their rhetorical skills to persuade a behavior. A skilled voice artist sounds less sales-oriented and more like someone with whom audiences can relate.

They can also alter their approach depending on the type and the needs of the ad. The inflection and deflection of voices in an ad can similarly affect how the audience feels about the brand. The voice of your brand and the ads are a way to represent your brand as a person who understands and feels and cares about its customers. So, in totality voice artists with great vocal variety are much more efficient when it comes to assuring listeners that they don’t want to miss something out.

Provides Personality to the Brand –

Although it is a collective effort to build a personality for your brand, however, the sound of the voice that represents the brand and the product it is selling has a lot to do with it. Personality is crucial in marketing, how customers see and hear your brand impacts your success in one or another way. If your brand sells products for new parents or parents of very young kids, you might want to sound patient, soothing, and comforting.

On the other hand, if you are a fashion brand then probably your brand personality has little bounciness and upbeat in its voice. The professional voice-over artist you use for your brand the vocal variety it packs with it, impacts directly on the effectiveness of your brand ads. You might have heard it before, it’s not about what you say, it’s about how you said it.

Emphasis on the Message –

Skilled voice artists make the recordings sound more than just a read and make them perfectly supplement your brand message. One of the most vital façades of an efficacious marketing campaign is to get audiences or listeners to remember the key points of the message. Slogans, jingles, and word or phrase recurrence are universal ways for marketers to turn an advantage or talking point into a short statement.

Therefore, working with professional voice artists will help you seize your audiences’ attention and fixate your ads in their memory. In other words, voice artists’ speech skills and techniques will make your marketing materials outperform any other ads the viewer or listener has recently experienced.

So, vocal variety is crucial if your choice is not to sound like everybody else in any of your marketing ads. It is the tool that shapes you into a different personality than everyone else. It makes your audience identify or recognize your brand as a separate entity and impersonates its values, ethics, & morals into a talking personality. But for all that you vetted professional voice actors from an experienced voice-over agency like Voyzapp.

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