Subway tuna recipe

The Best Subway Tuna Salad Sandwich copycat recipe will show you how to prepare the classic tuna salad recipe, along with the list of possible Subway toppings!


Since I can remember, I have enjoyed my traditional Tuna Salad sandwiches. When I was younger , my mother would make me and my sister sandwiches that contained only mayo and tuna.

It was not until much later that we began to add many positive items in our tuna salad, and we continue to do it to this day.

It does not taste as good without all that “stuff” in it to me!

I can remember taking a holidays within the United Stated when I was young. We stopped at a small sandwich shop that was called Subway and I purchased my first tuna salad footlong Subway sandwich.

The first time I tasted it was like love. taste for me.

We all bought for our tuna tuna sandwiches.

I remember being able keep half of the food for later, and enjoying every bite.

Strangely enough, I can still remember how amazed I was when I saw all the tuna sandwich toppings Subway was able to pick from.

I already knew what I would do to get for my tuna salad sandwiches!

It was obvious later that all the toppings weren’t only to be used for tuna salad, however, to this day, I must incorporate “stuff” and “things” to my tuna salad sandwiches!

I can’t even have tuna and not add extras due to my first trip to Subway.

In particular, if I’m ordering particularly if I’m ordering a Subway Tuna Salad footlong. I can get somewhat crazy with the toppings.

I’ll discuss my bizarreness some time later in this blog.


A classic tuna sandwich of Subway is so simple to make at your home. All you need is mayo and tuna.

All you need is a few ingredients to make this Tuna Salad recipe.

Subway makes use of a brand-specific egg-free mayo that is customized with mint throughout their locations. The mayo isn’t sold to consumers for purchase.

Apart from the fact that you can’t access the particular mayonnaise which Subway employs The tuna salad recipe that Subway uses is very easy to recreate.

Some places will add some teaspoons or so of lemon juice to help reduce the smell and taste of fish.

I typically include lemon juice in my own subway tuna salad.

In reality, this Subway Tuna Salad recipe requires mayonnaise and tuna.

I like to add more choices within my recipe for tuna salad. When I can I mix all the ingredients together.

You can always make the choice of putting all your other ingredients under and over the tuna salad just as you did when you went to Subway.

In any case, all you have to do is mix the ingredients you’ll need for the perfect Subway tuna sandwich in one bowl, mix it well and then refrigerate until you need it.

I try to refrigerate my tuna salad at least an hour prior to serving. The longer, the more flavorful.

I believe that a few hours is the best, but that isn’t always the case.


It’s exactly exactly how Subway creates their tuna salad sandwiches.

You should have a submarine, a footlong hoagie bun cut in half lengthwise, or bread of your preference.

If you’re adding the ingredients to your tuna salad sandwich, add about 1/2 cup of lettuce on the inside of the bun.

Then to add a few tomato slices followed by three or four rings of onion, either red or purple.

Insulate the onion with slices of pickle.

Put three tuna scoops over the pickles. Sprinkle with salt and black pepper and put two cheese slices on the top.

Complete your tuna salad sandwich off by topping your bun or roll , or piece of bread.

This is the way. How exactly Subway creates their tuna footlong salad sandwich.

Do not forget about additional Subway toppings that you can add including sweet peppers, olives cut into slices as well as jalapenos cut into slices cucumbers, and so many more.


If you’re ever wondering whether you can remember the various toppings Subway provides to top your tuna salad sandwich I’ve included the list below.

The majority of Subway outlets stock all of the ingredients listed below.

I hope you find this recipe as useful as I did! This is the list you will need to prepare your own Subway tuna salad exactly as Subway serves it!



Monterey Cheddar


Processed Cheddar





Monterey Jack


Baby spinach

Banana peppers

Black olives


Green peppers


Pickle chips

Red onions







Grated Parmesan






To make sure or to clarify I researched the types of tuna Subway uses for its tuna salad. Here’s what I discovered.

Based on Subway they will only offer skipjack and yellowfin Tuna in the water. It comes from fisheries that have non-threatening levels of stocks.

Here’s the thing.


You now know how to prepare an Subway classic tuna salad sandwich, you can easily prepare your own at home.

I am awestruck by the ability to save money! while I like eating out with friends and having one of them cook my meals, there’s some merit about cooking it yourself.

Particularly for me when it comes to traditional tuna salads or creating the Subway tuna salad dish.

I’d like to be able to control all the ingredients that I use in my recipe for tuna salad. I don’t ever ask for more than I would like at Subway’s, and I’m not certain what the reason is.

Yes, I am. I don’t want as a gluttonous shopper!

Absolutely true, but not the best.

It’s hard to believe that even after all these years that this is still how I feel.

I’m guessing I’ll need to visit Subway and take advantage of the best sandwich available at Subway. The classic tuna salad with a footlong!

You can imagine I’m going to request the tuna sandwich just the way I like it. I must get over this feeling and I’m going to need to do it.

Sometimes, this blog can be a form of therapy!

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