Traeger smoked salmon recipe

Smoking salmon is extremely easy. It’s likely that you already have everything that you require at your home. All you need is time and a fresh piece of salmon that has the skin on.

The list of your supplies:

Two baking sheets

Plastic wrap

Cans, tubs or jugs for weighing down the salmon

Brown sugar


Black pepper

One big side of salmon


Our easy recipe for smoked salmon removes all work out of cooking to ensure that you get the perfect smoked salmon each time, with minimum effort.


When people speak of curing it’s dry cure. Also, you have the option of using a moist cure that is exactly the same as brine.

Brine or Wet Cure

Smoked salmon brine there are three essential ingredients to use which are sugar, salt and water. As previously mentioned salt weakens proteins and eliminates excess moisture, while also enhancing the ability of your fish to remain damp while cooking. In addition, sugar can enhance preservation by stopping the development of bacteria, which helps your salmon attract and retain the water that is introduced through our wet cure.

It’s not necessary to cook with water. If you’re looking to add an extra punch to the brine you smoked salmon explore one of our recipe ideas for vodka-infused wild salmon smoked as well as cider hot-smoked salmon. cold-smoked cider salmon.

Dry Cure

While wet curing salmon allows you to experiment with your flavors, it’s thought to be less efficient as dry curing when it comes to preservation. It can also take a more time — this is the reason it’s logical to begin with dry cures as a starting point when you’re learning to prepare smoke-cured salmon.

A simple recipe for smoked salmon requires just three ingredients:

1 cup brown sugar 1 cup brown

1 cup of salt

Black pepper

Combine your ingredients into a bowl. place a piece of poly wrap over a flat surface to cover the entire salmon. Spread half of the mixture over. Place the salmon fillets face down on top of the mix, then and then top it off with the second half (spreading equally). Then, fold in the edges and wrap the salmon in a tight and then place in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours.

It is recommended to keep your salmon in the refrigerator for this length of time, regardless of the thickness and attempt to weigh the fish. Placing large bottles or cans over the top is usually enough to work Although you have some flexibility in terms of the length of time you’ll need to curing make sure you don’t let your salmon rest for more than 48 hours. This will make your fish too salty.


Once the curing process has been completed in your refrigerator then it’s time for your salmon to dry over night. Drying can allow a thin film, known as the pellicle, to form on your fish . This helps the smoke that comes from your wood pellet grill to stick to the fillets more effectively.

The only thing you need to do is wash the dry cure off the salmon, then rub dry (this assures that your fish won’t taste too salty). Then, dry the salmon flat in a cooling rack set on the sheet pan, put it in the fridge, and let it sit for a few hours.


After the salmon has been dried and cure and dried, you can now hot smoke the fish. Our experts recommend you smoke your salmon for 3 to 4 hours at temperatures of 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re using an Traeger grill, reaching the temperature you want is simply beginning your grill and utilizing the Smoke Setting. If you’re using an WIFIRE-enabled Grill it is possible to also set the setting to Super Smoke which is a lower temperature that allows your fillets to absorb the smoky flavor.

When you have set the temperature to Smoke after setting to Smoke or Super Smoke, let your grill warm by closing the lid for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, place the Salmon directly over the grill’s grates (skin facing down) and cook up to 3-4 hours, or till the internal temperature is 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

The only thing remaining is remove the salmon from the grill, cut it into thin slices and then savor. It’s amazing served chilled, hot or in numerous recipes (we’ll be discussing those recipes soon).

It’s all there is to it.


Before we get into smoking salmon recipes Let’s discuss why you should smoke it in the first place.

The smoking and curing process is concerned with preservation. Your ancestors’ predecessors had the idea of curing (or brine) fat fish such as salmon before refrigeration was invented in order to prevent the fish from spoiling. All it boils down to salt content since salt reduces the process of spoilage.

Curing your salmon with brine or a salty rub to draw out excess moisture and decrease the weight of your cut by approximately 15 percent. The flesh then condenses, which reduces the growth of the growth of bacteria and helps keep the salmon fresher for longer. The process of curing your salmon creates that beautiful reddish hue, as well as a glossy sheen that make everyone and their moms swoon.

Curing isn’t all about appearance and preservation. By eliminating excess liquid from your salmon, you’ll prepare your salmon to smoke perfectly. Salting your salmon will raise and enhance its strong natural flavors, as well as any other spices or herbs you choose to include in the brine or cure.

Smoking your salmon is going make the ideal choice. A slow and steady approach will enhance the preservation of your dish by securing moisture and keeping those natural, delicious flavorings from leaving. The salmon will not dry out and the flavor that you enjoy when you smoke your salmon on all-natural hardwoods is unbeatable.


It’s important to note that there are a few methods for smoking salmon. One method is smoke it cold. Smoked salmon cold cured and then cooked at super low temperatures (normally below the temperature of 80°F). It’s what that you usually find at the grocery store , cut into paper thin packed in vacuum sealed containers. Smoked salmon that is cold doesn’t last longer and isn’t as adaptable and, for the moment, we’ll assist you in focusing on smoking salmon that is hot and fresh.

Hot smoking lets you effectively and efficiently cook large cuts of salmon to perfection. After the curing process the salmon, it cooks at temperatures of around 180 degrees Fahrenheit or more, that ensures you meet the FDA’s recommendation for an internal temperature of 145°F. Taste and safety aside the fact that hot smoked salmon is much easier to integrate into other dishes since it is easier to heat and keep for longer.

This is the reason you cure and smoke salmon, and luckily it’s a simple process. Thanks to the temperature control and the convenience of an electric grill made of wood cooking Salmon to the perfect temperature is simple.

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