Disc Replacement Surgery

What is the time when a spinal disc replacement required?

The procedure of total disc replacement occurs when a patient experiences pain due to pinched nerves within the lumbar spine because of damaged or degenerative disc.

Lumbar (lower back) disc degeneration is among the most frequently diagnosed spinal disorders among adults.

The Gelenk-Klinik spinal center, we’ve been working hard to discover secure and safe ways to assist patients suffering from back pain and chronic pain due to disc degeneration in the lumbar spine.

What makes spinal disc replacement superior to spinal Fusion?

For a long time, the spinal fusion procedure was the sole treatment option for people suffering from this disorder, but the process causes wear and tear on the surrounding areas in the back. It is safe and safe, however it affects the biomechanics and dynamics that the spine of a human. This means that longer-term mobility and flexibility of the patient could be impaired.

In the past 10 years of research artificial discs have been upgraded to the point that they’re now thought to be an effective and secure treatment alternative for degenerative spinal discs.

The M6 synthetic discs for spinal use are an efficient alternative to the previously well-established method of performing spinal surgery to fuse.

Artificial discs for spinal health can help preserve the flexibility of the spinal column nearly matching the mobility of a healthy spine.

What are the benefits of an artificial disc for your spine? Artificial discs are used to enhance mobility in the segment of the spine that is affected by disk degeneration.

Benefits of disc prosthesis for spinal Fusion

Restores mobility in the spine

Speedier healing and faster recovery after surgery

Long-term biomechanical outcomes for patients (flexibility as well as mobility)

Faster return rates to work as well as recreational sports

There is no wear and tear in the adjacent regions of the spine.

Artificial disc replacements of the next generation restore the natural movement of the human spine.

The properties inherent to the spinal disc

The intervertebral disc’s natural shell (annulus) is comprised of an annular layer composed of connective tissues.

The elastic sheath is able to move in all directions.

Soft “elastic” core of the intervertebral disc (nucleus) is an effect of shock absorption.

The outer shell of the intervertebral disc prosthesis in addition “elastic”. It permits movement but simultaneously provides stability.

The dimensions of mobility can be maintained with the artificial replacement of discs

The spinal disc’s natural structure supports vertebral mobility throughout the entire length of it. The prothesis for the spinal disc must be able to replicate this function, otherwise the natural movement of the spine could be diminished. Only with the latest technology in Artificial discs (M6) that the inherent dynamic of the spine is retained.

Lumbar disc replacement with an M6-L prosthesis provides flexibility in every dimension. It is designed to support the biomechanics of the spine, providing an enduring and long-lasting solution.

What’s an artificial disc?

Modern disc prostheses feature the ability to move their cores, which allows for movement in all directions. It is similar to the disc’s core natural disc. Only by having this level of flexibility, will a long-lasting and pain-free outcome be achieved. The core can help support pressure, strain as well as rotation and the shear (when the vertebrae move in a direction that is not the normal way). Any restriction to this mobilityreduces the longevity of the prosthesis, as a result there is a risk of loosening and wear. Artificial disc prostheses of the past were made of a polyethylene with no elastic core. They experienced the beginning of loosening as they did not function in their function as shock absorbers. Since they didn’t mimic the natural movement that the disc performs, the patient was suffering the consequences of deficient biomechanics of the spine.

The benefits of the artificial disc

The M6-L artificial disc is confirmed by the evidence of its safe performance and mobility that goes back many decades.

The experience with this kind of artificial disc prosthesis for long-term use is overwhelmingly positive.

Hundreds of patients have received treatment using the latest generation of artificial disc replacements at the spine and back centers in Germany. It’s a secure and safe procedurethat offers patients suffering from disc degeneration in the lumbar region an uninjured and mobile outcome over the long run as opposed to the established procedure of spinal surgery for fusion.

To find out if or someone in your family might benefit from the replacement of a spinal disc Please contact us using the contact form linked below.

Who qualifies for artificial spinal disc replacement?

Typically, patients who qualify for an artificial disc replacements suffer from pain for over six months. In an initial diagnosis MRI scan, they’ll see obvious signs of disc degeneration. However, the neurosurgeon must be careful to ensure that the real cause of the pain is caused by disc degeneration.

A lot of cases of spinal disc degeneration are not painful. Only the persistent pain that is due to degeneration of the spinal disc supports the need for surgery. If patients seek the replacement of a disc with artificial material, the back doctor will have to obtain a thorough and thorough medical background.

To ensure that artificial disc replacement will be effective, the actual root of the pain must be precisely identified.

A replacement for the disc will only be considered when the pain cannot be alleviated with non-surgical treatments like physical therapy or physiotherapy.

Artificial Spinal Disc Surgical Implantation

First, eliminate the damaged disc between the vertebral bodies.

Then the ends of the vertebral bodies are cleaned in order to prepare them for the fitting of the prosthesis. The vertebral body is also separated slightly to ease the tension on the nerve and allow room to fit the prosthesis.

The M6-L prosthesis for lumbar disc replacement is placed in the disc space before being is tapped to position it on the surfaces of the vertebral bodies.

When the spine is restored to its normal position, this places the endplates in the vertebral bones, and keeps the prosthesis in position.

Following surgery, the position of the prosthesis will be examined by the surgeon both visually and using the aid of x-rays.

Rehabilitation following Artificial Spinal Replacement of the Disc

Typically, after a replacement of the spinal disc it is not a problem to have no restrictions on activities. Most of the time, on the morning of surgical walking on your own is permitted and even encouraged. The hospital stay after disc prosthesis surgery can last between two and five days.

After the complete healing of the wound from surgery The patient will then be released. A special corset has to be worn for a period of six weeks. After this time the patient will be capable of returning to the fullness of a professional and leisure life.

Training for muscles after Artificial Spinal Disc Replacement

After surgery, disc prostheses of both the cervical and lumbar spines as well as the muscles surrounding them, are affected by immobility , and being resting during recuperation. Therefore, the patient is advised to adhere to a specific rehabilitation plan to strengthen the muscles that support them.

If you have a spinal lumbar replacement, home rehabilitation in a specialized rehabilitation clinic for up to 3 weeks after surgery is suggested.


Disc Replacement Surgery


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