Leg pain when lying down

A common complaint with sciatica – sharp shooting pains in the nerves of the leg. The pain may get worse in certain postures, for example, when you lie down to sleep. Sometimes, sciatica might hinder you from sleeping or even enough to cause you to awake in the late at night with pain that is throbbing pain.Sciatic nerve pain is when a nerve located in the lower spine or pelvis is pinched damaged or injured. There are a variety of causes that could trigger this kind or leg pain such as an injured disc to a bone spur, or a tight the piriformis muscle. Read on for more information on why leg pain generally occurs when lying down, and the best way to get relief.

Leg pain after resting on back

If you lie with your back on the floor, the lower back’s natural curve to the inward (called the lumbar the lordosis) is more noticeable in comparison to sitting or reclining. When you lie on your back, the position reduces the size of these passageways (foramina) which nerve roots leave from the vertebral column. If a herniated disc , or bone spurs are present, this position could directly pinch the nerve root, resulting with sciatic leg discomfort (called the lumbar spine stenosis).

It is common to ease sciatica-related pain while resting on your back elevating your legs slightly. This will relieve the tension from your lower spine and allow for the opening of your nerve pathways.

As an example, you can sleep by placing a pillow under your knees. If you own an adjustable bed or a reclining chair placing your knees on the floor elevated can decrease the curve in the spine. It can also help you get a restful night’s sleep.

Leg pain after resting to the side

Letting your legs hang out on the side could result in or worsen leg pain in a variety of ways:

Direct pressure is applied to nerve roots by lying on the leg that is affected by sciatic pain.

The hips are tilted too much towards one side can cause the spinal column to curvature and pinch nerve roots, resultant in leg discomfort. For instance lying on the non-affected leg may cause the hip affected to be curved too much towards the ceiling, which can result in which can pinch a nerve root, creating pain in the leg that is affected.

If you prefer to sleep on your back it is recommended to lay on the unaffected leg. But, this doesn’t apply to everyone, and you might find that sleeping on the opposite side is more comfortable.

To avoid leg pain while sleeping on your back Try placing pillows between your legs, and keep your hips aligned with your spine rather than curving towards the side.

When should you see an orthopedic surgeon for leg pain that occurs while lying down

If leg pain is making it difficult to sleep or keeps you awake in the night, make appointments with your physician. Alongside sciatica, some other cause of pain in the legs while lying down could be peripheral arterial diseases (PAD) and muscle cramps. A clear diagnosis will assist you in finding the appropriate treatment and help you find relief earlier.

When you see the doctor, you should explain how the leg pain is feeling, like sharp and hot, or dull with a throbbing sensation, as if it’s flowing through your leg. Also inform your doctor of the positions that ease or worsen the discomfort. This information will allow your doctor pinpoint ways to help reduce pain, like ergonomic cushions or pillows.


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